The year 1993 marked the most significant event in the history of Colegio de San Gabriel Arcangel (CDSGA), an educational institution in Bulacan. With its Article of Incorporation being filed at the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) on April 15, 1993, the school formally opened its door with an excellent idea to initially offer Basic Education Program as a true expression of its purpose.

It was the year, Dr. Gabriel G. Uriarte, the founder, with the inspiration of his wife, Dr. Lucina P. Uriarte had laid the cornerstone of the school's existence with its vision and mission to become the only therapeutic school in town; quite distinct and different from all other existing colleges and universities throughout the Philippines.

The school is strategically located in a fast growing area of the City of San Jose del Monte (CSJDM), Bulacan to which a good number of residents are relocating to a new home and move increasingly away from the rising traffic congestion in the National Capital Region.

The school is conveniently located in a nice residential neighborhood and business establishments in Brgy. Fatima I, Area E, Sapang Palay, City of San Jose del Monte, just near the Sapang Palay National High School (SPNHS) and San Jose del Monte National Trade School (SJDMNTS).

In June 1993, the school offered Basic Education Programs, catering Preschool Education, and complete Elementary level. The first campus was just a tiny pavilion-like unit that houses the primary levels of basic education. It was in that year that the construction of building A's first floor began. Its completion took place in the first trimester of 1994, signaling the need to offer a complete Basic Education for the next school year.

The succeeding year, School Year 1994-1995, a complete Preschool, Elementary and High School curriculum was offered. In order to maximize the available resources of the school, the residential space of the administrators were used as a makeshift Student Lounge and Library, giving that homelike ambience to learners and teachers. Simultaneous construction of Buildings A and B upper floors were on-going back then. Monthly culminating activities took place in the first floor of Building A. The 1-storey of the Building B became the new area for Administrative Offices like the Registrar and Accounting Office. Three classrooms were then made available for lower Elementary Levels.

In around 2000, the community learners of Sapang Palay had expressed their desire to enroll in CDSGA's Baccalaureate degree programs. However, the institution was still deemed unprepared to undertake the challenges posed by collegiate offerings. So in order to accommodate the growing demand for tertiary education, the school had opted to offer Technical Vocational Programs such as:
- Associate in Computer Science
- Associate in Computer Technology
- Associate in Bookkeeping and Accounting

Simultaneous to its collegiate expansion are the continuous constructions of building, renovation and maintenance. In the next school years 2003-2004, the school had opened Baccalaureate programs such as:

- Bachelor of Arts in Psychology
- Bachelor of Secondary Education major in Guidance and Counseling
- Bachelor of Elementary Education with concentration in Mathematics
- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management

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